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Julien Omé

Guitar I Composer


Born in 1976, in Paris. After having trained at the American School of Modern Music and obtained his diploma, he joined the C.N.S.M. in Paris where he obtained a 1st prize unanimously from the jury in 2005. There he met his future "travelling companions".


Member of the World of Kota, RockingChair, Denis Colin & the Society of Surveyors, Le Bruit du Sign, Lisa Cat-Berro quartet.


Composed of soundtracks for the cinema: Short films/Talents Cannes 2003, "El Kotbia" by Nawfel Saheb-Ettaba and "Modern Love" by Stephane Kazandjian. He is also working alongside Quebec composer Robert Marcel Lepage on the animated films "Allez raconte".


For French chanson, he writes arrangements with Joseph Racaille with the group L&O (Bruno Coquatrix Award 2009).


He is also called upon to play in large ensembles such as Daniel Yvinec's ONJ for the "Around Robert Wyatt" project or with the Surnatural Orchestra.


More recently, he has been working with pop, rock and folk artists such as Mélissa Laveaux, Inga Liljestrom and the group "White Crocodile" for new experiences.


Discography: Kota's world - "Murmurs" (Radar 2006), The Sign's noise - "Heiko or the appearance of the hero" ( Yolk 2007), Denis Colin & the surveyors' society - "Subject to change" ( Song of the world 2009), The Sign's noise - "Yebunna Seneserhat" (Cobalt 2010), Rockingchair - "1:1" (Enja 2010), Denis Colin & the surveyors' society - "Subject to live" (Chant du monde 2011), Lisa Cat-Berro - "Inside air" (Gaya Music 2012). 

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