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Esperanz'Arts is a non-profit charitable association, whose main mission is to bring art in various forms to people who have been excluded from society, from its contact by creating a collective of professional artists engaged in social assistance.

Born of the friendship between Alexandra Soumm, Maria Mosconi and Paloma Kouider, and their common desire to create a real change in the way art is disseminated in our society, Esperanz'Arts aims to bring hope and joy to schools, hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters.


The process of integrating art into these structures is sometimes difficult and time-consuming, and Esperanz'Arts is committed to working on several levels:


involve the artists in the structures concerned, and create an emotional bond between them and the people present, by discussing and taking the time to answer their questions, and by returning regularly.


organize performances in public places such as concert halls, theatres, churches, whose income will go either to an association with which we have a partnership or to Esperanz'Arts.


All forms of living art are concerned: music, theatre, poetry, dance, but also painting, photography...


The situation in the art world today is very clear: only a part of the population has access to it, whereas it should be a right and an opportunity for everyone. Despite the efforts of many associations, not everyone has the chance to come and listen to a concert, a play or an opera.


Esperanz'Arts hopes to become a bridge between artistic and humanitarian circles, a partner linking structures, artists and those in need.

For this, we count on your support and commitment!

Alexandra Soumm, Paloma Kouider, Maria Mosconi

crédit: B.Cruveiller


Arts For All

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