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Arts For All

Alexis Morel I Sandra Abouav



Pour la vie is a participatory film by the company Métatarses, which deploys the choreographic material of the play Riz complet, written and performed by Sandra Abouav and Alexis Morel.


Participants are invited to propose a word that follows the simple rule of the popular nursery rhyme Three little cats: each word or expression has three syllables, and its first syllable is the last of the previous one. Each participant also invents a movement or gesture for his word. Since the end of a word is the beginning of the next, the end of a movement is the initial situation of the movement that follows it.


From the very principle of writing words emerges the personality of each person, in his originality, his fantasy, his extravagance, his banality, his worries. A mesh made of a material loaded with each other.

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