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Kristian Schott



A musician by training, Kristian Schott nourishes his musical delicacy by practicing the violin, specialising in traditional music from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as as as a composer at the service of scholarly music, particularly for his friend François Salque. 


Always fascinated by moving objects, he has always been passionate about choreographing musical gestures, on and around his instrument, giving the audience the opportunity to hear music and consequently dance movements in all the repertoires he approaches. 


It is then that the question arises about the imprint of the movement left by the painter on his canvas.... And then what about photography? Having become inseparable from his camera, it is accompanied by his digital reflex that Kristian Schott, an unconditional lover of nature, practises capturing its movements, trapping every detail, from the most innocuous to the most charming, as close as possible to what he perceives with the naked eye, in its raw beauty, without touch-up.


"It was Maria Mosconi who invited me to a concert performance of Esperanz'Arts. What better opportunity than a concert by these wonderful musicians to capture in photos their choreographies of musical gestures?"

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