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Arts For All

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Paloma Kouider


"Esperanz'Arts carries in its name the essence of its mission: to make hope dull through the artistic medium - musical, literary, choreographic, pictorial... - where it still hesitates to establish itself.

Esperanz'Arts' first vocation is to structure a spontaneity, a momentum of the heart that existed before the official creation of the association. Many artists, steeped in idealism, motivated by a desire to share their art in a different way, with audiences less accustomed to artistic events or who, for one reason or another, have little or no access to them, undertake to "go towards" a form of breathing, a way of living their artistic experience differently. At the risk of running into closed doors, due to a reluctance to face the solitary artist. The associative structure, by the force of the name, by the force of the number, makes it possible to transcend these osbtacles and, in fact, facilitates dialogue with the infrastructures potentially interested in its action.


A double fertility is correlated with this practical aspect, which allows the main idea to be put into practice. First of all, social action, the main theme of the project, which aims to raise or reawaken awareness of the art of a deprived public, in particular through dialogue and artistic events expressly dedicated to it, involving an adaptation of the artists to the public concerned.


Finally, on an artistic level, Esperanz'Arts, by bringing together artists from all walks of life, catalyses emerging collaborations, broadens the field of artistic possibilities and becomes a real laboratory of ideas.  It is this three-dimensional work, - structural, social and creative, each working in synergy with the other two - that seduced me and led me into the adventure...


A huge thank you to my queens of heart, Alexandra and Maria, committed musicians, full of energy and noble thoughts, with whom to walk is a real joy."

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