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Maria Mosconi


Why this membership to Esperanz'Arts? Quite naturally; since from an early age I felt the need to share a musical emotion with other children. In elementary school, I played spruce in front of several classes to introduce students of my age to Baroque music; at that time a small group of three adults (recorder, spruce and cello) and myself on the recorder performed in the city's nursery schools: we performed Renaissance tunes and dances. First of all, the children usually listened to us with a lot of attention and then they would dance around us in circles.

I understood from that moment, around the age of 5, that music is a sharing: energy flows from musicians to dancers; the desire for musical practice can arise among young spectators who see a child like them draw sounds from an instrument; and especially music, thanks to its power to transmit emotions well beyond speech, speaks directly to very young children or even to children for whom communication was difficult.


The meeting with Sacha and Paloma, whose musical and human objectives go in this direction, could only be obvious!

This association with these two passionate, committed artists seemed natural, echoing my deep desire to transmit music.

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