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Cathy Kat

Soul Jazz


Her debut album is entitled "Deep in My Soul" and sounds like a breath of fresh air and good humor in the pollution of everyday life. In short: funky, funny and sexy songs that feel good.


Arno called her the "French Janis Joplin". Claude Lelouch stopped to compliment her while she was singing in the street, but she didn't recognise him... Kat is all that, a tornado with a soul voice who comes out of nowhere but who knows where she's going.


All she wants is to talk to people, not just with words but with sounds, vibrations, emotions that resonate in everyone, far beyond language. That's what music is to her: a meta-language. And then she travels, in less than a year and a half, this bulimic of life travels the world: England, Reunion Island, Canada, New York, Budapest, California, Lebanon, she goes to meet others but it is her that she finds again. She puts words to her ills and gives voice.

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