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Séverine Carreau



Graduated from EPSAA (Ivry-sur-Seine) in visual communication, after various experiences in communication as a project manager and visual designer, Séverine Carreau joined the photojournalism department of EMI-CFD (Paris) in 2016. 


Curious to discover new cultures and driven by encounters, she makes many long and short trips to Asia and photographs slices of life. 


These experiences lead her to reflect on the growing inequalities between individuals. She then decided to go to my city, Paris, to bear witness to the daily life of those who no longer have much, those who "no longer fit in the huts" and to go and meet the "invisible ones" of our society.

It focuses my work on social, societal, humanist and social exclusion issues. 


In 2017, the Samu Social asked her to produce a report on the daily life of homeless women at the Halte for their communication campaign.

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