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François Castang



After more than 5000 broadcasts on France Musique (" Les démons de midi ", " Musique en France ", " Comme de bien entendu ", " À portée de mots "...) François Castang decided in 2009 to devote himself solely to his recitation activities. To the pleasure of the great repertoire (J. Haydn, I. Stravinsky, R. Stauss, C. Saint Saëns, H. Honegger...) in which the spoken voice is highlighted by the composer, is added a whole work devoted to editing, mixing literature and music and allowing, through mirror effects, to highlight these two disciplines (W. A. Mozart, A. Vivaldi, R. Schumann, E. Satie...)

He multiplies his creations, "Alice in the land of the organ" (1996) by J. Guillou, "The incredible adventures of Mister Fogg" (2015) by M. Marzi or "La cuisine à l'alto" (2015), a show created by Sylvain Durantel, which includes 16 miniatures commissioned from 16 composers on the theme of cooking!)...
The young public is not forgotten with the creation of "Blanche, la chèvre de Monsieur Séguin (2014)" by L. Ginoux, "La marche glorieuse de Modeste le petit pion" (2008) by A. Gasparov ... and the unavoidable masterpieces of "l'Histoire de Babar" by F. Poulenc, "Pierre et le loup" by S. Prokofiev... François Castang has over 60 wo

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