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Trio Atanassov

Trio Atanassov.jpeg

Perceval Gilles - Violin

Sarah Sultan - Cello

Pierre-Kaloyan Atanassov - Piano


Frankfurt/Main, September 2010. The Atanassov Trio wins First Prize in the "Commerzbank-Kammermusikpreis" International Chamber Music Competition. 


Johannes Moser, cellist and member of the jury, appreciates: "It was at the emotional level that you were able to convince the jury, which is very unusual for a competition, very respectful! »


Since its creation in 2007, the Trio has received many other awards. In addition to the First Prize of the Frankfurt Competition, he has won prizes at the Trondheim International Piano Trio Competition, the Vibrarte International Competition in Paris, the Joseph Joachim International Chamber Music Competition in Weimar and the Joseph Haydn International Chamber Music Competition in Vienna, the Prague - Vienna - Budapest Academy (Joseph Haydn Institute Prize) and the Fnapec Ensemble Music Competition.


Already brilliant as soloists, the three musicians decided to found a trio in 2007, after completing their instrumental studies at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.


The Trio has been a member of the European Academy of Chamber Music (ECMA) since 2008 and has been particularly influenced by the musical influence of its artistic director, Hatto Beyerle (ex Quartet Berg).


Having quickly established itself in France as one of the most promising ensembles, the Trio Atanassov also performs regularly throughout Europe. Among the Trio's highlights for 2013 were the French premiere of Vache Sharafyan's highly poetic trio, "The dream of dreams", at the Mardis Musicaux d'Angers (January), followed by its debut at the BASF-Gesellschaftshaus in Ludwigshafen (March), before a residency at the Academy of the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence - with a new French creation: "Drives", by Vasco Mendonça - and a return to the Festival du Vigan, where he was born (July).


Semi-finalists of the prestigious ARD competition in Munich in September, the Trio participated in the autumn sessions of the ProQuartet training centre in Paris and released in October its first CD dedicated to Smetana and Dvorak, under the German label Hänssler Classic. 

A record that benefits from the media partnership of France Musique.


The repertoire of the Trio Atanassov extends from Haydn to the most recent works of the 21st century. The works of yesterday's great repertoire remain unavoidable, but the genre of the piano trio has never ceased to fascinate composers - a series of exciting and original works have emerged in recent decades, which have brought a breath of fresh air to the traditional model.


Thus, imaginative and full of personality, the Trio Atanassov perpetuates and renews the tradition of the piano trio by honouring compositions that combine cultures and musical influences from all over the world for the coming seasons.


It is in this same spirit that the Atanassov trio is committed to commissioning works from today's composers. In 2013, it was Cow Cow Sharafyan who composed a piece especially for the Atanassov trio, Moonrise over Jerusalem.

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