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Marion Rampal



Born in 1980 in Marseille, she studied music and singing through encounters and whimsical gifts of life. Her Rock & Folk loves have been with her since 1998, first with Wesh Wesh, then with the duo We Used to Have a Band. The meeting with Raphaël Imbert and his company Nine Spirit will mark the beginning of a rich collaboration. Inspired by her travels in Louisiana and New York, she began writing Main Blue in 2013, alongside Anne Paceo and Pierre-François Blanchard. 

Performing Purcell's Dido's Lament or a Schubert song, Marion Rampal also pursues a hatchet pick but always demanding in the classical repertoire to find new standards. The singer lends her voice to the great tunes of the Berlin cabaret of the 1930s alongside the Manfred Quartet in the Bye Bye Berlin project! Together with Pierre-François Blanchard, she forms a duo with multiple strings that revisits melodies and lieder in an unusual and libertarian way. She is a regular guest at the Salon Idéal founded by Ariele Butaux.

Finally, the songwriter is happy to lend her words to the voices and music of others. She has written lyrics for the singer Virginie Teychené, for Anne Paceo (in Circles, performed by Leila Martial) and Raphaël Imbert (in Music is my Home, performed by Leyla McCalla, Alabama Slim and Big Ron Hunter)

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