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Rébecca Gormezano

Dance I Violin


At the age of four, Rebecca was introduced to Thullal, a dance art form mimed and sung in India by Master K. Geethaandan at the National School of Kerala Kalamandalam, cradle of traditional arts.

This founding contact with India revealed his joy in dancing and allowed him to give his first recital with the musicians in front of a crowd of pilgrims at the temple of Guruvayur ( Kerala) at the age of 5. She then performed in this art in France (Maison de l'Inde in Paris 1988, Centre Soleil d'Or in Paris 1989) and in India (Kerala kalamandalam 1989).

Then Rebecca turned to Bharata-Natyam and since 1990, she has been a disciple of Malavika, a pioneer dancer from Bharata-Natyam in France.

During repeated stays in India, Rebecca deepened her training with various teachers, including K. Leelama; she will give her Arangeetram (first recital with the musicians) at the temple of Guruvayur (Kerala) in 1994.

Continuing her apprenticeship with Malavika, Rebecca has been following the teaching of Master Smt Jamuna Krishnan in New Delhi since 2003.

She performs in France, Germany (shows and teaching Tanz department of the Musikhochschule "Alanus" University, Arkadas Theatre in Cologne) and IndiaGuruvayur temple 1994, Ayyapa temple 2005, Triveni Auditorium New-Delhi 2007 and 2010.

Rebecca Gormezano is also a concert violinist and performs in various orchestras and chamber ensembles in France and Europe "les siècles", "le cercle de l'harmonie", "Opéra Fuoco".

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