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Béatrice Cruveiller



Béatrice Cruveiller took her first steps in photography at the age of 11. After a period in the theatre, she returned to her original passion, which she learned on her own. Today a renowned portrait painter, she accompanies each model in all kindness, directs it in the manner of a director, orchestrating its intimate sessions like plays. Attentive, the photographer ensures that the subject feels free to move in front of the lens so that he abandons himself and finally gives himself up in a face-to-face encounter with himself. An instrospective, almost "therapeutic" work, photography only makes sense if it provokes an authentic emotion. His clichés, in their absolute sincerity, are unmarried: Béâtrice manages to capture this magical moment when the mask falls, gradually revealing, as the picture is taken, the essence of the person.

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