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Pierre-François Blanchard



It was as a jazzman that Pierre-Francois Blanchard began his professional life, playing in festivals and on stages in the West region with his bands (La Belle Vie Trio, Lazuli Quartet,...). At the same time, he trained at the CNR in Saint-Nazaire and obtained the DEM, then the D.E. in Jazz. He developed an interest in theatre music that would not be denied: he composed the music for "Octavie" with the company Le Ministère De l'Amour, then "L'Autri-Chienne", "Animitas" and "La Boîte Noire" for the actress Daniela Molina and the Cie Panthéâtre. 

A jazz pianist keen on free improvisation, he went to study at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 2007. It will be a decisive initiatory and pianistic journey. He studied the instrument with Jasper Soffers, counterpoint with Karst De Jong, and obtained a Master's degree in jazz piano. 

He has been participating in the Salon Idéal since 2015, a concept conceived by Arièle Butaux, where musicians from all walks of life meet to merge, experiment freely and without borders. He collaborates with Thomas Savy, Guillaume de Chassy, Frédéric Vaysse-Knitter, Noëmi Waysfeld, the Zaïde Quartet,...
He has been working for several years with singer Marion Rampal, as a duo, and in her trio - with Anne Paceo - : Main Blue. The eponymous record, released in January 2017 by e-motive records, has been acclaimed by critics.

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