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Stéphane Béchy



Stéphane Béchy studied mainly with René Brethomé, and Marie-Claire Alain for the organ, Olivier Baumont and Davitt Moroney for the harpsichord. He performs mainly in recitals throughout the world, and his knowledge of ancient repertoires has led him to teach students at the Rotterdam Conservatory, Northwestern University in Chicago, the University of Belgrade, the Prague Conservatory, the Brno Academy and Seoul University. 

With the Amusemens du Parnasse, an ensemble he created, Stéphane Béchy recorded two Masses by Michel Corrette as a world premiere for the Triton label (5 tuning forks). He has also recorded solo works by Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Liszt and Saint-Saëns. He is one of the few performers to have given the complete Bach organ work in concert (17 recitals in Paris in 2001-2002). From 1999 to 2016, he was artistic director of the Caen Orchestra, the Contemporary Music Festival "Aspects of Contemporary Music" and the "International Organ Festival of Caen" that he created. He is the artistic director of La Dive Musique, the Seuilly early music festival.

Stéphane Béchy is currently the holder of the Grandes Orgues historiques (Clicquot, Cavaillé-Coll, Gonzalez) of Saint-Merry de Paris. Stéphane Béchy is a knight in the Order of A

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